The budget plays a crucial role in the Indian automobile industry. Therefore some of the top automakers in the country are well aware that they need to target average buyers that can provide them with better options. With the introduction of Tata Nano, Tata has changed the way the auto market operates in India. This small car has been a revolution in the Indian market because it offers a lot of options to buyers all over the country. The small family car has become the most talked-about car in the market.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features of Tata Nano in the review below.


Tata Nano is certainly a low budget car, but Tata has not compromised on anything including exteriors. The overall shape and size of the car are pretty compact and futuristic, making it an instant buy out the product to average car buyers in India. The curvy front side of the vehicle makes it look good and also offers better visibility and makes it ideal for parking in tight spaces on Indian roads.

On the front side of the vehicle, Tata has incorporated diamond shape headlamps that are powerful enough to project light on the road ahead. The fog lights are functional, and the front bumper of the car is painted in the same color as the entire body of the car. Some Tata Nano models also have roof spoiler and various other accessories that make the car appear better.


The all-new Tata Nano is powered by a 624cc Multi-Point Fuel Injection petrol engine that offers better performance compared to the previous engine. With the new engine, the peak power of the car improves to 38 PS compared to 35PS in the earlier 2011 model. The maximum torque of the vehicle in 2012 has also improved to 51Nm compared to 48Nm in the 2011 model.

With the earlier model of Tata Nano, the fuel efficiency would be around 23.6 KMPL, but the new version of the car offers 25.4 KMPL, which also offers better sales point to the vehicle. The older version has the top speed of 100 KMPH, but the newer Tata Nano offers better speed with 105 KMPH
top speed.


Tata Nano may be the cheapest car in the Indian market, but it certainly does not compromise when it comes to safety features. The car offers excellent safety features like Central Locking, Laminated Windshield, Center High Mount Stop Lamp, Door Lock on Driver and Passenger Side, Booster Brakes and Front and Rear Passenger Seat Belts.


Tata certainly understands the space value, and therefore the car offers better space options to family buyers. There is ample space in the car that will offer space for four to five passengers. The cabin is decorated with a splash of colors, and that makes the overall interiors feel and look better.

The dashboard of the car is very good and efficient, providing all the information in one single place for the driver and other passengers. The dual-tone interior colors match well with the Indian environment.

The instrument cluster is placed in the middle rather than on the side right behind the steering wheel to offer all the passengers the option to see the information. The seats are comfortable and spacious enough for Indian standards, but the glove box is missing, which can be quite a discomfort. The cargo space is definitely not too large since the size of the car itself is not that big enough.

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