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Drinking and driving not only put your life in danger but also has detrimental impacts on others who are sharing roads with you. Drinking alcohol may enhance the risk of injuries which may have a devastating consequence on your life and as well as your dear ones. It may result in hospitalization and even death. Moreover, you could be sued by another person who got injured due to your mistake.

Some Facts and Figures about Drinking and Driving:

A plethora of injuries can occur when you drink alcohol while driving. A large number of folks in the United States are admitted to the hospital due to auto crashes, and most of them are tested positive for alcohol in their system.

Drinking and Driving-Effects of Drinking
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  1. Almost 50% of drivers were killed in auto crashes in 2014 and tested positive for drugs or alcohol in their body.
  2. In 2014, more than three times males were arrested for drunk driving as compared to females (401,904 vs. 130,480).
  3. According to the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (2015) about ten in seventy teens binge drinks, however, only 1 in 100 parents consider his or her youngster binge drinks.
  4. Drunk driving expenses the united states around $132 billion a year.
  5. Each day around 800 people get injured in a drink driving auto crash.
  6. About a quarter of car crashes with adolescences involve an immature or underage drinking driver. 95% of the 14 million folks who are alcohol dependent started drinking before the legal age of 21.
  7. Every two minutes, an individual is injured in a drink driving crash.

Risks of Drinking and Driving:

Any amount of alcohol or drug in your bloodstream can affect your driving ability. Consuming alcohol while driving can putt you in danger of causing an accident or highway injury. Safe driving needs the ability to focus, make good judgments, and quick reaction to situations. But, alcohol and drug consumption affects these skills and put yourself and others in danger.

Drinking and Driving-Risks of Drinking
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Here are a number of ways alcohol impairs your driving skills:

  • Slow Reaction Time

When alcohol is in your bloodstream, it affects how quickly you are able to react to diverse situations. Drinking alcohol slows down your response time, which can boost the probability of an accident. For example; there is a car in front of you and suddenly a pedestrian crosses the street, your brain will take a longer time to process the circumstances and prevent an accident.

  • Lack of Coordination

Heavy alcohol drinking impacts your motor skills such as eyes, hands, and foot coordination. Without vital coordination skills, you may be incapable to evade an imminent harmful situation. Some revealing signs of reduced coordination include trouble swaying, walking and inability to stand straight. Too much alcohol consumption can even make it hard to get in your car and locate its ignition.

  • Reduce Concentration

Alcohol, no matter how much or how little you have, it can influence your focus. Not only driving, but there are also a lot of things that require your undivided focus such as staying in your speed, your lane, other vehicles on the road, and traffic signals. Your concentration span is vividly reduced with drinking, which drastically increases the possibility of an accident.

  • Decrease Vision

Excessive alcohol consumption has a detrimental impact on your vision. After drinking, your vision starts getting blurred or you may unable to control your eye movement. Impaired vision can influence your judgment of the distance between your own car and other vehicles on the road. Moreover, fewer objects may be observable within your peripheral vision, or what you can observe to either side of you when looking directly ahead.

  • Inhibit Judgment

Your mind controls how you judge certain situations. While operating a powered vehicle, your judgment skills play a vital role in how you make a decision. For example, you have to be able to predict possible problems and make a clear decision if another automobile cuts you off. Your judgment helps you stay attentive and aware of nearby conditions while driving.

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