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Technology has penetrated each part of our lives—including our driving. And keeping it in mind, let’s not forget about the diversions of our gadgets. There’s additionally a large group of applications that can make you drive simpler, progressively profitable, or increasingly fun. On top of that, these apps help drivers to prevent accidents caused by careless or reckless driving as well.

Here’s some we suggest downloading.

1. Waze: The Community-based Traffic and Navigation App:

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If you start navigation apps and end at the default Google Maps, you are actually not outfitted with new technology. Through this app, join other drivers in your locality who share real-time traffic and road info. It will help to save everyone time and gas charges on the daily commute. Wonderfully, Waze accurately re-routes you in case of traffic accidents and construction work while altering you to road hazards and police.

2. Torque: Lets you tap into the Brain of your Car:

Apps for the Convenience of Drivers-Waze App
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Everybody who drives has felt that second of nonsensical frenzy when the “engine fault” light on the dashboard all of a sudden lights up. It is suggested that you drop your vehicle off at a service station as quickly as possible. By and large, you have no real way to know where precisely the fault lies.

3. Autometer Dashlink is a Plug-n-Play:

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DashLink is a plug-n-play, virtual dashboard display system for your car that is simple to install and enjoyable to utilize. It empowers you to benefit from AutoMeter’s years of instrumentation and data procurement ability. So, you are in charge and up to date about what is happening with your vehicle. Transform your Android gadget into an advanced display system. It helps you monitor vehicle and engine performance, track fuel consumption, read and clear vehicle troubles codes and check engine lights.

4. GasBuddy: for Free and Cheap Gas:

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The beautiful app really helps you earmark money on gas, win prizes, and get incentives with the #1 vehicle campaign application. GasBuddy clearly informs you where the closest service stations are and which are the least expensive today. GasBuddy clients save around $340 per year. Never pay a lot for gas again!

GasBuddy facilitates drivers to give them the opportunity to join Pay with GasBuddy for free of cost and save money on each gallon of gas they pump.

5. MileIQ: Accurate Mileage Reports:

Apps for the Convenience of Drivers-MileIQ App
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The MileIQ business mileage tracker liberates you from the torment of physically following your miles for levies or refund. MileIQ is a free mileage tracking application that naturally logs and tracks miles, and ascertains the value of your drives for taxes. Augment your tax deductions and repayments with MileIQ, the simplest way to keep a mileage log.

Mileage tracker helps you effectively systematize your drives for your business expenditures and tax refunds.


It’s truly a very beneficial practice to not use your Smartphone while driving. Nonetheless, there are some apps that can be truly useful.

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