Ever since the first Chevy Camaro pony cars made their debut on American streets in 1967, they’ve been one of the most beloved American vehicles. The vehicles have been among Chevrolet’s top sellers every model year, an impressive feat for a vehicle that’s been in constant production since the 60s, save for a brief period during the mid-2000s.

The reintroduction of the Chevy Camaro in 2009 filled fans of the vehicle with glee, and now Oracle Lighting is delighting them all over again. The company has managed to do the unthinkable–make the world’s favorite pony car even more stylish and cool than it is when it comes off the assembly line!

How have they managed it?

Oracle Lighting Special Edition Chevy Camaro Lights Kits are the answer. Available in two versions, these collections of Oracle Lighting accessories add unique features to the Chevy Camaro, without compromising the original spirit behind its design.


The Series One Oracle Lights Special Edition for the Chevy Camaro includes:

->  Xenon Conversion Headlight Kit and Plasma LED Fog Lights. Get brighter lights to cut through the fog and light your way on the road. Making these upgrades will let you go much longer between headlight bulb replacements by providing thousands of hours of light. Plus, they’re more energy-efficient than OEM

->  Chevy Camaro halo headlights kit. Use these halo light rings to give your Camaro that supercar circular glow along the outer edges of your upgraded headlights. You get your choice of plasmas, LED, or CCFL rings in a variety of colors. There is even a ColorSHIFT option that lets you shine your rings in hundreds of different


->  LED interior lighting kit. See better inside your vehicle and in your trunk with this complete set of replacement lights that features Oracle lighting SMD

->  Ambient footwell lighting. Make the floors in the front seat glow in a color of your choosing with LED

->  Chevy Camaro Halo taillights. Get the look of halo rings in the back as well as the front! Oracle Lighting lets you choose between Chevy Camaro LED taillight rings, or CCFL rings with the purchase of the kit.

->  Billet badge and decal. Finish the job by showing off the special edition markers on your


The Series Two Oracle Lights Special Edition for the Chevy Camaro includes everything from the Series One Kit plus:

->  SMD reverse lights and tag lights. Back out more safely, and light up your license plate with high powered LED

->  SMD side markers. Your Camaro will turn heads with glowing laser-like lights in amber on the front and red on the These are the same lights that appeared on the Camaro Concept car, and really make the car look futuristic.

->  Illuminated Chevy Bowtie. Show off your Chevy pride with a glowing bow tie that you can install right on your trunk. It features the same LED lighting technology used in the other lights in the

-> Concept side mirrors. Swap out your ordinary mirrors for the aerodynamic, modern look of these mirrors. They’re preloaded with SMDs that glow along with your parking lights and turn


->  Custom door and dash panels. Transform your interior with the ultra-tough, ultra-cool look of carbon

->  Wireless remote control. Operate every light in the kit with just the push of a button.

You can see a number of videos online that show just what results are possible with the Chevy Camaro halo lights, and other lighting accessories available in the Oracle Lighting Special Edition collection. Check them out, and consider making your pony car’s gallop a little fiercer and more unique, by picking up a kit of your own.

One thought on “Oracle Lighting Special Edition Chevy Camaro with T-Top Roof”
  1. Very interesting to see an old option to be used on a new school Camaro. I seen halo lights in chevy camaro headlights come from stock, but Oracle lighting halos do look better, with color changing and dual rings, that pretty sweet. That driver did a lot of modifications, props to you.

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