The MPVs are the favorite vehicles of most of the families because the MPVs are practical and flexible. The MPVs are not only competent in styling but at the same time they offer impressive seating such as five, six or seven seats with impressive cargo, safety features and driving fun. Following is the list of best 10 MPVs in the world that are popular among buyers for its power, performance and practicality.

1. 2011 Seat Alhambra

The Alhambra is one of the best and flexible MPVs from the house of Spanish brand Seat that is offering good space for seven passengers with smart storage space. The MPV is powered by a 2.0 liter TDI produces 170 horsepower and 236 lb ft of torque. All the models are mated with a six speed manual transmission but can be upgraded to a DSG gearbox. The car accelerates from 0-60 mph in 10.9 seconds at a top speed up to 120 mph with 50.5 mpg combined fuel economy. The MPV has a starting price £23,555.

2011 Seat Alhambra

Image Credit: El coleccionista de instantes

2. Ford S Max

The S Max MPV was introduced in 2006 by the Ford Motor company that accommodates seven passengers and has a very sporty appearance.  Three trims are offered to the market of the Ford S Max powered by a range of powertrains for smooth and effective performance. In 2010 the Ford S Max received a face lift and are powered by a 158 horsepower 1.6 liter Ecoboost engine paired with a six speed manual transmission. The average fuel economy of this full size MPV is 30 mpg to 52 mpg.

Ford S Max

Image Credit: *aliza*

3. Nissan Note

The Nissan Note is mini MPV manufactured by the Japanese automaker since 2004. The car is well built, well designed and decently equipped to ensure quality ride and comfort. The lineup is offered with three engine choices including a 90PS 1.5 liter dCi turbodiesel engine offering 78.4 mpg decent fuel efficiency and accelerates from 0-62 mph in 11.9 seconds, a 1.2 liter Petrol engine producing 80PS and 1.2 liter DIG-S supercharged gasoline engine producing 98PS. The Nissan Note has a starting price of £11,900.

Nissan Note

Image Credit: Janitors

4. 2009 Toyota Verso

A five door compact MPV offered in five or seven seat versions and was introduced in 2009. The Verso is not only stylish but is offering decent space, high tech features and has high practicality and reliability score. A 1.6 liter or a 1.8 liter petrol engine and a 2.0 liter diesel engine is offered to the lineup for better performance. The diesel engine has a fuel economy of 57 mpg combined whereas the 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter petrol engines are rated at 42.8 mpg and 41.5 mpg combined respectively.

2009 Toyota Verso

Image Credit: Janitors

5. Mitsubishi Grandis

A seven seat MPV that was first introduced in 2003 by Mitsubishi. The MPV was loosely designed but in terms of comfort, convenience and interior it has been just marvelous. The 5 door Mitsubishi Grandis MPV has two power choices, a 2.4 liter in-line four cylinder engine and a Volkswagen sourced 2.0 liter 4 cylinder D-ID engine for smooth and efficient ride.

Mitsubishi Grandis

Image Credit:  Wikimedia Commons

6. 2005 Vauxhall Zafira

This is a dashing and an appealing MPV with high reliability rate. The MPV is powered by a 1.8 liter petrol engine generating 140 bhp and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 10.8 seconds. The Zafira delivers an impressive fuel economy of 45-46 mpg with significantly lower CO2 Emission. The MPV accommodates five passengers with impressive 645 liter cargo space that is extendable up to 1,820 liters.

2005 Vauxhall Zafira

Image Credit: kenjonbro

7. 2007 Volkswagen Touran

The 2007 Volkswagen Touran is a smart balance between comfort, utility and sharp cornering that offer a stable and composed driving feel. Three engine choices are offered including 2.0 liter TDI, 1.9 liter TDI, 1.6 liter Petrol and a 1.4 liter TSI. The MPV seat only five but is transformable to seven seats. The 2.0 liter TDI lifts the car from 0-60 mph in 9 seconds. The starting price of the MPV is £26,462.

2007 Volkswagen Touran

Image Credit: luxuryluke

8. 2009 Peugeot 5008

The award winning 2009 Peugeot 5008 is a seven seat MPV with a third row that one can fold flat to extend the cargo area. The 1.6 liter turbodiesel engine producing 110 bhp is the top of all the petrol and diesel variants that accelerates the car from 0-62 mph in 12.9 seconds with good fuel economy and CO2 emission figures.

2009 Peugeot 5008

Image Credit: harry_nl

9. 2010 Hyundai ix20

The MPV offering best interior room that offers up to 440 liter boot. This MPS got appreciation for its high practicality and sharp driving dynamics. The vehicle has two engine choices, a89bhp 1.4 liter engine and a 123bhp 1.6 liter engine. The 1.4 liter diesel engine is the most economical option available whereas the petrol variant of the same engine is very smooth and refined.

2010 Hyundai ix20

Image Credit: harry_nl

10. 2010 Volkswagen Sharan

The new model of the Sharan that is offered in 4 engine choices turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines. This MPV has a 70 liter fuel tank and with all engines the average fuel consumption is 5.5 liter per 100km. The Sharan has a choice of five, six or seven seat depending on the customers’ needs. This is one of the practical and reliable MPVs on the market.

2010 Volkswagen Sharan

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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