drivingTeenagers are filled with enthusiasm and fervor once they get the driving license. The invulnerability drivinglicense gives the opportunity to the teens to become independent. At this age it is much hard to give teen any advice or tell them anything of interest as they are risk taker by nature.  The teenagers call them that they are socially independent and there is no law that seizes their pleasure.  The arguing habit of teens makes them off the track and at many places they have to pay off hardly.

The parents are undoubtedly much aware of the hazards of the drive after the drink but this issue does not put any constrain to the teenagers. Alcohol is one of the deadly rites adopted by many of the people although they are aware of the aftermaths.

Some of the precautions should be undertaken by the parents and the concern authorities to decrease the accident rates which most of the times occurs because of the negligence of the drunken teens.

There should be seminars in which the teenagers are made aware of the accident rates and their actual causes. The accidents are sometimes so much serious that it is life threatening and the parents have to suffer in that case. On the other hand the victim can also get injured or may die at the spot and the driver is answerable.

Other than this parental control can play a vital role in the safety of their child. There should be a signed agreement between parents and the teen. This should include the driving without drinking on the preliminary basis. They should also make him aware of the use of the safety belt for the security purpose. Most of the times teenager friend provoke oneanother which results in the faulty driving so limiting the teen friends will ultimately produce positive result.The parents and child bond should be strong enough that if he is calling you for rescuing you should assist him rather than arguing him.Toprovide with the save drive to home, teens should call at their home so that someone can safely pick them from the spot. If you are not providing such service to your teen then he might drive through his friend’s car and end up in the mess up situation.

The estate agencies and the patrol police should take strict notice if they find any teen driving in the unconsciousness. They should charge them at the spot and punish them heavily so that next time they are not aware of their punishment. The special breathing test should be carried out at the check posts so that the drunk drivers cannot pass the check post and arrested. The monitoring of the eyes and the gums can reveal that either the teen has drunk or not. It should be clearly stated in the driving license that if they are caught driving when drunk, the license will be cancelled and this statement will be added to their record

Many teens are of the view that the accessibility to the liquor is no hard and fast as it is available at their home or at their friend’s place. Put your bottles in the lock and admonish the older siblings that they should take care and do not hand over them the keys.

The proms and the graduation parties are some special occasion in which it is obvious that handful of teen will drink. The community should arrange some pick and drop facility so that they teens can safely reach their homes and there is no need left for their own cars to be driven.

Image Credit:  Krista Baltroka

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